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After-sales Instruction
To respected users:
   With your support and trust, in order to protect your interest and provide you with better and higher-quality service, we guarantee as followings:
一、Preparative works before installation
  1:The product we provided is of high-quality, and in accordance with the quality standard set by the manufacturer. With fine packing, the equipment will keep all right in long distance transportation.
  2: We will notify the end-users about the preparation work of the equipment’s installation before 20 days the consignment in writing form, upon the receipt of the consignment notification; we will deliver the goods in time.
二、The service provided within the warranty period.
  1:We will provide 1 year of warranty period beginning from the signing of the certificate of acceptance, We will faithfully abide by the relevant laws, statutes and regulations promulgated by the People’s Republic of China and provide “Three Guarantees” and other after-sales services concerning the Goods, unless stipulated otherwise in the Contract
  2:We will respond within continuous 48 hours concerning the malfunction of the equipments (non-artificial factors), upon receipt of the notice, we will provide on-site service within 3 working days. After the repair, we will submit a report in duplicate concerning of the cause, remediation measure, schedule etc.
  3:We have (or entrust) permanent facilities in China to provide repair and maintenance services stationed with professional technical personnel with three years of similar experience. The spare parts are sufficient to meet the needs of the users for five years. If entrust permanent facilities in China to do such work, we will provide the relevant legally effective certificates.
  4:The engineers will take another test,we will be in charge of the repair upon any malfunction(non-artificial factor
1:Scope of service: maintenance. supply of the spare parts. for a long term
2:Service period: 3 years beyond the warranty period
3:Content of service: maintenance, repair, continuous training,supply of the spare parts.
4:Service charge: subject to conditions.
5:Exemption of duty: artificial factor

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(About Us):
Changzhou Boyuan Instrument Plant is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing the instruments such as Low Temperature Stable Temperature Tank, Incubator,Stirrer, Oscillator, Water Bath, Oil Bath ect., Its strong R.D ability, advanced facilities and fully implemented QC system guarantee very product perfect.
Under the tenet of “high-quality and top service”, Changzhou Boyuan Instrument Plant welcome customers to cooperate both at home and abroad.

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